A Mastodon bot that posts RSS updates to a Mastodon account
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A simple Mastodon bot written in python that posts updates from an RSS feed to a Mastodon account. This project is meant to be built to a docker container, so all of the options need to be set as environment variables:

MASTODON_CLIENT_ID = Mastodon client ID

MASTODON_CLIENT_SECRET = Mastodon client secret

MASTODON_ACCESS_TOKEN = Mastodon access token


RSS_FEED_URL = URL of RSS/xml feed

TOOT_VISIBILITY = 'public', 'unlisted', 'private', or 'direct'

TAG1(2,3) = #hastag

When using env variables TAG1, TAG2, and TAG3, you can only use a single tag and the hash cannot be preceded by a space. This is a limitation of the way linux environment variables work.

The best way to use this project is by using its docker container When using docker, make a bind mount between /state on the container to whatever directory you want on your machine in order to keep the state of the feeds that were already posted image